19 Jan 2012

Tilt Sensor Alarm

Some time back I came across an article in a magazine where a boy lost his leg thanks to his habit of balancing on chairs. I thought why not build a tilt sensor alarm for chairs before calamity struck me too. So I came up with this simple tilt sensor circuit which doesn't really need any instructions to build.

Materials Required:
  • A Piezo Buzzer
  • A 9v Battery
  • A 9v Battery Connector
  • A dead AAA battery
  • A small and thin magnet
  • A small box to keep the circuit compact
  • Aluminium foil or any small conductive sheet

Tools Required:
  • Insulation tape 
  • Double sided tape
  • Soldering iron and solder instead of insulation tape

Step by step instructions:

The Tilt Sensor Circuit

A Close-up of the connectors.
  • Scrap off the paint of a dead battery
  • Cut two pieces of aluminium foil of about 1cm X 1cm
  • Connect the positive end of the battery connector to the positive end of the piezo buzzer by twisting the copper strands together or by soldering
  • Fix the magnet on one side of the box as indicated in the images above so that the battery remains stuck to the contact points for a while
  • Stick the negative ends of the buzzer and battery on either side of the magnet keeping in mind their alignment with the rolling battery
  • Stick the aluminium foils on top of the negative ends to improve connectivity on the contact points
  • Arrange the circuit in your box as indicated in the images above and do the necessary for aesthetic beauty :)

Hard Luck for those who love to balance on chairs!

Now you can place this circuit wherever you like and use it as a tilt sensor. Of course the smaller the piezo buzzer, the battery and the rolling element, the more compact the circuit box. Simple as that!

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