4 Jan 2012

Build a Water Level Indicator

If you don’t have an automatic water level controller installed at home and are concerned about the gallons of water that are wasted daily, then here is the ideal water level indicator to build. This is the most basic and economic circuit I could think of. But if you want to build a reliable automatic water level controller, check out: The DIY Water Level Controller.

Materials Required: 
  • 9v Battery
  • 9v battery connectors
  • 1 piezo buzzer
  • 1 toggle switch
  • 2 wires (of the same length as the distance between your tank and your room)
  • 2 long nails (or any 2 metal rods)
  • a box for keeping the circuit compact
  • Tape for fastening the probes on the tank

Tools Required:
  • Common Sense 
A diagram of the system

Here is a step by step guide to make the circuit:
  • Cut the wires to the required lengths and strip off their ends.
  • Make a hole on one side of the box for the 2 wires to come out.
  • Cut a precise hole on top of the box so that the switch fits perfectly into it.
  • Fix the switch into the slot.
  • Connect the 9v batteries in series.
  • Connect the positive end of battery pack to the positive end of the buzzer.
  • Connect the negative end of the battery pack to the switch.
  • Connect one end of one long wire to the switch.
  • Connect one end of the 2nd long wire to the negative end of the buzzer.
  • Coil the two ends of the long wires around 2 long nails and tape them to make a safe joint. Leave at least half of the nails bare to maintain a good continuity in the water.
  • Place the buzzer and the batteries in the box.
  • Fasten the nails to the inside of your overhead tank such that the nails are just below the level of brimming of the water.

The box containing the "circuit"
Now whenever you switch on your pump remember to switch on your Water Level Alarm and when the alarm goes off you can put off your pump and no water is wasted!

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