14 Dec 2013

DIY Camera Trap

Have you ever wanted to capture a moment but couldn't because you weren't there at the right place, and right time? We all have.
Be it a tiger crawling out of its hiding, an intruder breaking into your house, a car running the red light or a runner crossing the finish line, one can seldom capture that right moment. This device precisely helps you capture the moment. With the help of a motion sensor and minimal circuitry, you will be able to build a camera trap that detects motion and captures its photo or video.  
The circuit is as simple as it gets, and why not?
"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"
Parts required:
  • Digital Camera
  • PIR Motion Sensor 
  • 3V battery pack
  • Optocoupler PC817
  • Power switch (optional)
  • LED indicator (optional)
All objects above absolute zero emit heat energy in the form of radiation. Though this radiation is not visible to human sight, it is visible to the PIR motion sensor. So the Passive Infrared Sensor uses infrared radiation to sense movement of people, animals and objects.
When movement is detected, the motion sensor's output pin goes HIGH. This signal is transmitted through the opto-isolator (or optocoupler) to trigger the shutter button of the camera and capture the moment.
A built-in variable resistor in the PIR sensor enables you to set the duration during which the output pin remains high after retriggering. In case you want to trigger video filming with this circuit, you will definitely be able to start the video but it will only stop filming the next time motion is detected.  

Go build this device right away or you'll miss on capturing the next brilliant moment!

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